National Pizza Day 2018

National Pizza Day 2018

A year has flown by and, on Friday 9th February, it’s National Pizza Day again.

In honour of this truly momentous occasion, we’re giving away one hundred pepperoni pizzas to everyone and anyone who wants them!

How do I get me some of that free pizza?
To get your fill, all you have to do is head down between 2pm and 5pm on the day in question.

Want to make a meal of it?
We’d advise booking but it isn’t necessary.
There will, however, be a limit on tables of six people or less.

What if I don’t want the pepperoni?
If it just so happens you want to keep your pizza meat-free, we’ll happy do that for you.
Just give us a shout and we’ll take the pepperoni off for you.

Can you take your pizza away?
If you haven’t got time to sit down and eat your pizza in style, of course you can take it away with you!

I see there’s 50% off food offer on too. Can I do both?
When it comes to making the most of your visit, you and your cohorts will have to decide between 50% off food or a free pizza. We know, it’s a tough one!

Can I order for all my friends who are “just on their way”?
There’s no frontsies, no backsies or ordering for people other than yourself.

Can I work some happy hour drinks into the mix?
What kind of pizza party would it be if you couldn’t?!

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