Goodbye Dogs ‘n’ Dough. Hello Saloonville.

On Sunday 9th June it was announced Dogs ‘n’ Dough would be closing. This closure would make way for Saloonville, a Boston-style city tavern boasting a great beer offering (both draught and packaged), a cocktail menu that will leave you wanting more, more, MORE, tasty imported American bar snacks and, the jewel in their crown, a stack of retro arcade machines.

Like DnD, Saloonville has a great happy hour offering running from 4 o’clock till 7 o’clock every day. During this “hour” you can bag yourselves £5 cocktails, £3 pints of Bud Light, £4 glasses of prosecco and two double gin and tonics for a tenner!

Saloonville isn’t just a great place for adults to hang out. Every week, they host their Family Sundays. This is a weekly affair where all ages are welcome!

If you were a fan of us, we urge you to check out Saloonville as they embody everything we do.
‘ll just be no hot dogs and pizza!